Warrior Woman


June 17th - June 22nd, 2018

Spaces limited as this is meant to be an intimate and deep experience!


Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance
729 Heinz Avenue, Berkeley, California


Full Weeklong- 33 hours total of dance/music sessions
$500 early bird until April 15th
$650 from April 15th ($200 deposit holds place)

Contact Miriam to reserve your spot


Warrior Woman is a dynamic and diverse bi-annual weeklong immersion, incorporating dance, music, and focused inquiry. The week falls during a powerfully charged time of year leading up to the Summer Solstice. Over the course of the week students are guided on an empowering movement and music journey creating personal dance scores that embody each individual’s unique potential. Each day opens with an intention, a heart centric meditation, and guided journaling. Then the sessions move into immersive dance and music experiences.

Each day will close with an improvisational session incorporating live music and dance scores offering an opportunity to integrate all aspects of the creative process. The week long intensive will culminate in a Summer Solstice ritual in the forest with live musical accompaniment and a presentation of each warrior woman’s score that has been carefully crafted over the course of the week.

This new Summer Solstice edition will feature vocalist, Sonja Drakulich (of Stellamara).

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Songs of the Soul
Ancestral Songs & Sound Healing with Sonja Drakulich

Music is one of the most powerful tools for emotional healing. The vocal format of Sonja Drakulich is based in the expanding and refining of the voice through the creation of pure natural tone. Sonja guides students in finding their authentic voice, empowering them to transform deep emotion and open new pathways for healing. Beautiful songs of the Balkans and Near East, along with other ancestral lineages are integrated, as well as devotional chanting from North Africa and Sufi traditions.


June 17: Embodying Devotion & Gratitude, Opening rituals
5:00-7:00- Opening rituals & potluck dinner
7:00-10:00- Turning Towards the Heart

June 18: Finding the Compassionate Warrior within
10:00-1:00- Dance Session with Miriam
4:00-6:00- Singing with Sonja
7:30-9:30- Poetry/Music/Dance/Improvisation

June 19: Moving with Humility and Grace
10:00-1:00- Dance Session with Miriam
4:00-6:00- Singing with Sonja
7:30- 9:30- Singing and drumming by camp fire

June 20: Cultivating Patience & Discipline
10:00-1:00- Dance Session with Miriam
4:00- 6:00- Singing & frame drum with Sonja
Free Night!!

June 21: The Art of Gesture & Generosity
10:30-1:30- Dance Session with Miriam
2:30-4:30- Singing with Sonja
7:30-9:30- Workshop session to refine personal scores led by Miriam

June 22: Opening the gates of Equanimity & Solstice ritual in the forest
10:00-1:00- Warrior Women presentations & closing circle
(with live musical accompaniment)

June 22-June 23: Optional hot spring field trip excursion to Harbin Hot Springs!!

Daily passes with approval only, and space providing
Limited scholarships & work trade possibilities


I recommend this workshop to anyone yearning to find a deeper meaning of life through dance.  As we reflected on the deeper layers of our humanity the open dialogue helped us form a sisterhood and safe space where we could then explore movement in space.  The warm-ups and choreography seasoned and empowered us to embody our authentic warrior woman within.
— Samia Karimi
“A wonderfully epic chapter of Miriam Peretz’ ever-dynamic evolution as an Artist and Guide.”

— Ronnie Brodsky