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photography by Alex Ribowski

Miriam Peretz

Miriam Peretz is an internationally celebrated dancer devoted to creating transformational experiences for her students and audiences worldwide.  Miriam’s signature style draws heavily on Central Asian dance, devotional whirling practices, and sacred dance rituals from around the world.  Her movement quality and aesthetics also incorporate her years of martial arts training, contemporary dance, Flamenco, and many other world dance forms.

Miriam has devoted her life to empowering and healing women through the art of dance and ritual.  She was named prophetically by her mother, who saw in her infant daughter the potential to become a powerful spiritual leader like her biblical namesake, Miriam who led the Israelites through the Red Sea with drum and dance.   

Miriam sees dance as a uniquely powerful means of expressing deep emotion and spiritual yearning, and therefore the perfect embodiment of prayer.


June 23 - July 3, 2019: Sacred Dance of the Heart, Turkey

During this annual sacred journey we will visit the sacred sites of Konya, Haci Bektaś, and Cappadocia exploring Sufi cosmology and the movement of Sema. We will end in the beautiful countryside thermal town of Yalova where we will journey deep into the heart through sacred movement, music, chanting and ritual for another week. Musical guests Amir Shahsar and Selçukhan Yılmaz and Alper Akcay will offer sessions in Anatolian-Sufi Sacred dances. Full details HERE

July 5-12, 2019: Dances for the Divine Mother, Greece

A Woman’s Retreat for Embodied Healing through Devotional Dance & Sacred Song with special guest singer Sonja Drakulich of Stellamara and Poliana Dimitropoulou of RHEA Temple - Ritual Healing Arts. Full details HERE.


“Miriam’s dance classes transcend technique and choreography; they compel the dancer to become a poet, a conduit of creative intention, a vessel for music. I always leave class with ruminations on transcendence, with heightened presence, and with the sensation that I participated in something beautiful.”
— Rebecca Prather
“Miriam brings innovation to the art of movement through exploring the traditional, classical, folkloric to the spiritual and post modern styles of dance. Known for her exquisite and passionate musicality, Miriam is affectionately described as a master dancer.”
— Gina Grandi