photography by Alex Ribowski

Nava Dance

*Previously Known as Sacred Dance of the Silk Road

Nava Dance is a holistic movement practice developed by Miriam Peretz.  Nava Dance is rooted in intentional movement and ritual to awaken the highest potential of self individually and communally.  The dance practices are inspired by the movement of circles, spirals and cycles that we find within the physical, energetic, and universal body.  Classes integrate intensive dance experience, sequences focused on healthy alignment and spinal fluidity, focused breath work, improvisation and choreography.  Nava Dance draws deep inspiration from Silk Road (Central Asian) themes and aesthetics, as well as from the devotional practice of whirling.   Each class is a journey through the physical, spiritual and emotional realms of being, and a call to open our hearts to one another and to the universe. On the dance floor we move, sweat, sway, breath, love, pray and embrace our personal empowerment as well as our deepest sense of humility. 

Nava is a beautiful example of a word shared by the Hebrew, Farsi, and Turkish languages. In Farsi and Turkish Nava means sound or tune. It is also the name of one the main Dastgah (musical modes) in the Persian and Turkish music traditions. In the Hebrew language, Nava means pleasant, graceful, beautiful and is a common girls’ name. Also, in Hindi, Nava means young or new.

Sacred Circle of Dance

Any point in time that we form an intentional circle with connection and eye contact it is an opportunity to create a sacred community space and therefore a beautiful opportunity for gathering the energy, connecting our hearts and sending out blessings and healing to the world.

Miriam’s classes convey a sense of community, inclusiveness, beauty and grace.  I have the most joyful experiences in her classes.
-Maud Engel