Sacred Dance of the Silk Road

Contemporary and devotional movement rooted in Central Asian dance

Developed by Miriam Peretz, this format offers a full range of expression from traditional Silk Road themes to devotional, contemporary, and improvisational dance.  Opening with a set of movement rituals aimed at preparing the mind, body and heart for an integrated and holistic dance experience; each session incorporates intensive contemporary inspired warm-ups focusing on spirals in the body, fluidity in the spine, contract/release, and healthy blood circulation.  Persian, or other Central Asian dance techniques as well as creative interpretations of traditional themes, culminate in short combinations and/or choreography. This format integrates numerous styles of dynamic turns essential to all Central Asian dance forms. Drawing on her background in percussion, musicality is also a core component to Miriam’s teaching style.

Sacred Circle of Dance

Any point in time that we form an intentional circle with connection and eye contact it is an opportunity to create a sacred community space and therefore a beautiful opportunity for gathering the energy, connecting our hearts and sending out blessings and healing to the world.

Miriam’s classes convey a sense of community, inclusiveness, beauty and grace.  I have the most joyful experiences in her classes.
-Maud Engel